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Illustrated Histories of over 90 Western Breweries

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The following breweries are those that I am currently researching. Some are essentially finished, but are frequently updated when additional information is uncovered or images of collectibles are found. Others are still in the early stages of research and composition. Your input is not only welcome - it's encouraged!

Breweries of Leopold F. Schmidt

   Centennial Brewery (1876-1918) of Butte, MT.

   Olympia Brewing Company (1902-2003) of Tumwater, WA - founded as the Capitol Brewing Co. (1896-1902).

   Bellingham Bay Brewery  (1902-1916) of Bellingham, WA.

   Whatcom Brewing & Malting (1899-1903) absorbed by the Bellingham Bay Brewery.

   Salem Brewery Association (1903-1943) of Salem, OR.

   Port Townsend Brewing Company (1909-1916) of Port Townsend, WA.

   Acme Brewing Company (1906-1954) of San Francisco, CA.

Breweries of "The House of Hemrich"

   Bay View Brewery (1883-1919) of Seattle, WA - part of the Seattle Brewing & Malting Co. (founded by Andrew Hemrich).

   Albert Braun Brewing Assn. (1890-1893) of So. Seattle, also part of Seattle Brewing & Malting.

   Claussen-Sweeney Brewery (1883-1916) of Georgetown, main plant of Seattle Brewing & Malting.

   Seattle Brewing & Malting Co. (1893-1916) of Georgetown (So. Seattle) - controled by Hemrich family.

   Rainier Brewing Co., Inc. (1933-1953) of San Francisco, CA - est. by Louis Hemrich in 1916.

   Hemrich Bros. Brewing Co. (1897-1933) of Seattle -  est. by Alvin Hemrich..

   Aberdeen Brewing Company (1901-1915) of Aberdeen, WA - est. by Alvin Hemrich.

   Hemrich Brewing Companies (1933-1940) of Seattle - est. by Alvin Hemrich.

   Apex Brewing Company (1934-1938) of Seattle - est. by Alvin Hemrich.

   Columbia Breweries, Inc. (1933-1953) of Tacoma - est. by Elmer Hemrich.

   Elmer E. Hemrich's Brewery, Inc. (1935-1940) of Tacoma. (Elmer, son of Alvin Hemrich)

   Claussen Brewing Association (1901-1915) of Seattle - controlled by the Hemrichs by 1906.

   Independent Brewing Co. (1902-1915) of Seattle - controlled by the Hemrichs by 1906.


Breweries of Fritz & Emil Sick - "The House of Lethbridge"

    Century Brewery Assn., Inc. (1933-1935) of Seattle.

   Seattle Brewing & Malting (1935-1944).

   Sicks' Seattle Brewing & Malting (1944-1957).

   Sicks' Rainier Brewing Company (1957-1970).

   Sicks' Brewing Company (1943-1953) of Salem, OR - previously the Salem Brewery Assn.

   Sicks' Century Brewery (1939-1957) of Seattle - previously the Horluck Brewing Co.

   Horluck Brewery (1933-1939) of Seattle - predecessor to Sicks' Century Brewery.

   Rheinlander Brewery, Inc. (1938-1939) of Seattle - previously the Apex Brewing Co.


Breweries of Williams Brothers, Inc.

    Silver Springs Brewing Co. (1934-1967) of Port orchard (1934-1950) and Tacoma (1950-1967).

   United Union Breweries (1943-1945) of Tacoma and Walla Walla.

   Pioneer Brewing Company (1944-1951) of Walla Walla - previously of Aberdeen.

Mutual Brewing Company (1942-1944) of Ellensburg.

DeLuxe Brewing Company
(1946-1949) of Wallace, ID - previously the Sunset Mercantile Co.

 Tacoma Breweries

   Milwaukee Brewing Co. (1981-1897)

   Pacific Brewing & Malting (1888-1915)
   Columbia Brewing Company (1900-1933)

   Heidelberg Brewing Company (1953-1979)

   Northwest Brewing Co., Inc. (1931-1937)


Walla Walla Breweries

    Stahl's City Brewery (1870-1910)

   Walla Walla Brewing Co. (1910-1925)

   Washington Brewing Co. (1925-1933)

   Northwest Brewing Co. (1931-1937)

   United Union Brewery (1937-1945)

   Pioneer Brewing Co. (1945-1951)

   Star Brewery (1869-1910)

Everett Breweries

    Washington Brewing Co. (1900-1904)

   Everett Brewing Co. (1904-1915)

Other Seattle

   Pilsener Brewing Co. (1933-1934)

   Pilsener Brewing Co. of Alaska (1935 -1940)

   Pilsener Brewing Co. of Idaho Falls (1935-1937)

   Spellmire Brewing Co. (1902-1913)

   Washington Brewing Co. (1913-1915)

   Eagle Brewery (1882-1883)

   North Pacific Brewery (1865-1896)


Other Washington Breweries

   Angeles Brewing & Malting Co. (1901-1913)

   Angeles Brewing Company (1913 -1915)

    North Yakima Brewing & Malting (1905-1915)

    Yakima Valley Brewing Co. (1938-1953)

California Breweries

   San Francisco

   Acme Brewing Company (1906-1954)

   Globe Brewing Company (1933-1938)

   S. F. Weiss Beer Brewery (1899-1903)

   Red Lion Brewing Co. (1904-1909)

   Red Lion Ale & Porter Brewing Co. (1909-1911)

   Aug. Lang Brewing Assn. (1911-1913)

   General Brewing Corporation, San Francisco (1933-1978)

   Broadway Brewing Company (1862-1917)

   San Francisco Brewery (1853-1862)

   Hibernia Brewery (1867-1920)

   Mission Street Brewery (1860-1867)

   Tacoma Brewing & Malting (1916-1919)

    Tacoma Brewing Company (1919-1927)

  San Jose

     Fredericksburg Brewing Co. (1869-1920)

     Pacific Brewing & Malting Co. (1933-1951)

    Wieland's Brewing Company (1939-1952) 


    Salinas Brewery (1874-1891)

   Salinas Brewing Co. (1891-1926)

   Salinas Brewing & Ice Co. (1934-1938)

   Monterey Brewing Co. (1938-1942)

 Lucky Lager Breweries

  General Brewing Corporation, San Francisco (1933-1978)

  Star Brewery Company, Vancouver, WA (1933-1939)

  Interstate Brewery Company, Vancouver, WA (1939-1985)

  Lucky Brewing Company, Azusa, CA (1949-1963)

  Lucky Lager Brewing Co., Salt Lake City, UT (1957-1967) - previously the Fisher Brewing Co.

Montana Breweries

   Olympia Brewing Co. of Butte (1899-1911)

  Lewistown Brewing Co. (1894-1938)

Oregon Breweries

   Henry Weinhard Brewery (1904-1928)

  Salem Brewery Association (1902-1943)

  American Brewing & Crystal Ice Co. ( 1901-1916)


South Dakota Breweries

    Black Hills Brewery (1878-1917)

   Black Hills Products Co. (1917-1927)