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I am offering "brewery gems" for sale -  brewery memorabilia from various United States breweries. The types of breweriana include: advertising mugs & steins, embossed beer bottles, beer glasses (etched, embossed, & enameled), beer trays, beer signs, and miscellaneous brewery items such as patches, mini-bottles, openers, beer cans, tap handles, labels, coasters, and other advertising items - with a few foreign items as well!

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As a collector I am always hoping to upgrade or add new "brewery gems" to my collection. For my specific "heart's desires" - see my BREWERIANA WANTED page. Perhaps you have some brewery items you wish to part with.

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Brewery Histories

Brewery etching
I am currently working on over seventy western BREWERY HISTORIES which began with the Olympia Brewing Company and its four branches: the Bellingham Bay Brewery, the Salem Brewery Association, the Acme Brewing Company, and the Port Townsend Brewing Company.

I've also worked on the famous Rainier Brewery and "The House of Hemrich" - the brewing dynasty which included the Hemrich Brothers, the Aberdeen, the Apex, and the Columbia Brewing Companies.

An alphabetical listing can be found on the SITE MAP.

I would sincerely appreciate any feedback or assistance with the historical information that I've posted. I wish to make these histories as accurate as possible. I would also welcome any images that could be used to help tell the breweries' stories.

I've also added an illustrated essay on Pre-Prohibition Western Beer Steins

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