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Various Brewery Collectibles For Sale

Breweriana includes:  Coors ceramics, beer labels, ash trays, beer openers, patches, match books, miniatures, and occasionally beer cans.

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:  While some items may be in excellent or like new condition, most have been used and show some evidence of use - but are excellent for display unless stated otherwise.

General Breweriana

Ballentine Ale & Beer bar top accessory"Ballentine - Ale - Ballentine - Beer - Ballentine" around the base of an approx. 7¼" tall, foam scraper holder. The cobalt glass, and base are both in excellent, to near mint condition. Would work great as a desk caddy for pencils, pens, etc. From the late '30s to early '40s.  $75

Olympia Brg. Co. bronze desk set"Olympia Brewing Company - It's the Water" with the horseshoe logo and "Tumwater" on a 3¾" x 5" bronze desk set, made by By-Natale, Inc. of Grove City, PA. These were a one time Christmas gift for Olympia's distributors, and not available to the general public. Scarce!  $45

Acme Gold Label Beer emblem - image"Acme Gold Label - Acme Breweries San Francisco and Los Angeles" - Heavy, metallic, foil window display, 6" x 5" ca.1953 - perfect for framing or as an appliqué. Near Mint cond. $15  (free shipping)


Anheuser-Busch Old lager mug "Anheuser-Busch / Old Lager" on a 4" mug - official A-B product. Near mint cond.  $10

Anheuser-Busch Pale Lager mug"Anheuser-Busch / The Pale Lager" on a 4" mug - official A-B product. Near mint cond.  $10

Grand Prize beer mug - image
"Grand Prize" beer mug, in hard plastic, from Houston, TX. $8



Coasters, absorbent & metal

Rainier Beer coaster from Honolulu, c.1937"Rainier Beer and Ale - slow brewed - Slow Aged - Rainier Brewing Company - Honolulu" on a single sided, 4¼" dia. coaster, ca.1937. A rare Hawaiian coaster, especially in mint condition!  $65  (free shipping)

Hop Gold coaster ca. 1933"Hop Gold Beer" on a single sided 4" dia. coaster, ca.1933, from the Star Brewery Co. of Vancouver, WA. A rare coaster, in this excellent condition.  $48  (free shipping)

Age of Acme coasterc.1947"It's the Age of Acme - Fine Beer Since 1860" from "Acme Breweries San Francisco" on a  single sided, 4⅛" dia. coaster, ca.1947. Excellent condition. $15  (free shipping)



Knickerbocker beer tip tray - image"Knickerbocker / The Beer Drinkers Beer" from Jacob Ruppert Brg. Co., Brooklyn, NY. Often called tip trays, actually a metal coaster from the '70s. Excellent cond. $8 ea.  (free shipping)

two available - sold singly


Braumeister beer coaster"Braumeister - Special Pilsener beer - Milwaukee's Choicest" from the Independent  Milwaukee Brewery, ca.1941.  $5  (free shipping)


Stegmier Beer coaster - image"Stegmaier" beer coaster (reverse same but in blue) from the Stegmaier Brg. Co., Wilkes-Barre, PA. $3  (free shipping)


Primo beer coaster, c.1954One "Primo" beer coaster ca.1954, from the Hawaiian Brewing Co, Honolulu, T.H.  $6     (free shipping)

Two Gibbons beer coastersTwo "Gibbons" beer coasters - from the Gibbons Brewery, Wilkes-Barre, PA. $3  (free shipping)

Tavern Pale beer coaster - image"Tavern Pale" beer coaster from the Atlantic Brewing Co. of Chicago - from early 60s.  $5   (free shipping)


Six brewery coastersSix beer coasters: "Moab Brewery" - "Alaskan Brewing Co." - Boundary Bay Brewery" - "Emerald City Ale" - "Silver City" and "Chuckanut Brewery"  $2 ea.   (free shipping)  

Sold separately or $10 for all six





Alpha-numeric references for these Miniatures and the Coors Ceramics below are from Robert Kay's "Miniature Beer Bottles & Go-Withs" as is the grading standard.

Acme miniature Lager Beer bottle"Acme Lager Beer" ca.1934 "Brewed by - Ceral Products Refining Corp. - San Francisco, Calif." Designated [CA-5]  4¼" tall, salt shaker cap, decal label, bottle made by Muth. The earliest, and toughest, mini from Acme - and the only one that says "Lager Beer".  Grade 1-2.   Sold




Acme Beer miniature salt, San Francisco c.1937"Acme Beer" ca.1937 "Brewed by - Acme Breweries, San Francisco, Calif." Designated [CA-6]  3 in. tall, early crimp style salt shaker cap, decal label, "non-fattening" annotation below "Acme" - Grade 1-2.   $15



Acme Beer miniature beer bottle"Acme Beer" ca.1947 "Brewed by - Acme Breweries, San Francisco, Calif." Designated [CA-22]  3" tall, salt shaker cap, paper/foil label, "no deposit-no return" bottle made by Muth.   Grade 1-2.   $10



Coors mini beer mug 2 - image"Coors" in red, on both sides of a 2⅜" tall, glass mini-mug (shot glass or toothpick holder). Designated [CO-13] Grade 1.  $6


Olympia mini glass mug "Olympia Beer" in black, on both sides of a 2⅜" tall, glass mini-mug (shot glass or toothpick holder). Grade 1. $7



Rolling Rock Bock mini-mugRolling Rock Beer logo"Rolling Rock Bock" in white lettering - everything else is in gold, on a 2⅞" tall, miniature mug, shot glass, or toothpick holder. Grade 1.  $5



Coors Ceramics
Coors ceramic breweriana

Salt Shakers - During Prohibition salt was often added to home-brew to enhance the head.
This practice continued when beer was legalized, and taverns usually placed salt shakers on the Bar.
In 1933 the Coors Porcelain Co. began producing salt shakers to promote the brand. They first made a long neck, then a stubby was introduced in 1936 (above right).
A barrel was also produced (far right) that is often sold in pairs as salt & peppers, but were only salts - as the hole pattern is always the same.

Then in 1937 the label changed on their beer bottles and cans, so the salt shakers changed as well (above left).
With the onset of WWII the porcelain factory concentrated on the war effort, and salt shakers were no longer produced.

Alpha-numeric references for the Coors Ceramic salt shakers are from Robert Kay's "Miniature Beer Bottles & Go-Withs" - and so is the grading standard.

Coors barrel salt shaker, c.1935"Coors - Golden" separated by the company logo, with Adolph Coors - Golden Colorado" - all on a 2" tall, ceramic salt shaker, ca.1936 - designated CO-10. Has original cork. Grade 1-2.    $18


Coors stubby salt ca.1937"Coors - Golden - Special Export - Beer above the company logo, on a" tall, stubby style, ceramic salt shaker, ca.1937 - designated CO-8. Has original cork. Grade 1-2.  $18




Beer Labels

Columbia Beer, 11oz oval gold label - image
"Columbia Beer", IRTP in burnished gold, 11 oz., Columbia Breweries, Tacoma, WA, 2⅞" x 4⅛" - Unused, ca.1948$10  (free shipping)



Columbia Beer, 11oz oval gold label - image"Columbia Beer", IRTP in burnished gold, 11 oz., Columbia Breweries, Tacoma, WA, 3" x 3⅝" - Unused, ca.1948$8  (free shipping)



Columbia Ale, 6% label - image"Columbia Pale Ale", IRTP in burnished gold & green, 6%, Columbia Breweries, Tacoma, WA, 2⅞" x 4⅛" - Unused, ca.1948.  $8 (free shipping)



Columbia Pale Ale, 12oz silver oval label - image"Columbia Pale Ale", IRTP in burnished silver, 12 oz., Columbia Breweries, Tacoma, WA - 3" x 3⅝" - Unused, ca.1948 $8  (free shipping)




Columbia Ale, 3.2% label - image"Columbia Pale Ale", IRTP in burnished silver & green, 3.2%, Columbia Breweries, Tacoma, WA, 2⅞" x 4⅛" - Unused, ca.1948 $8 (free shipping)




Jumbo Columbia Pale Ale, silver label - image"Columbia Pale Ale", IRTP in burnished silver & green, 4%, 32oz, Columbia Breweries, Tacoma, WA, 4" x 5" - Unused, ca.1948.  $10  (free shipping)



Townsend Beer label c.1915 -  image
"Townsend Lager Beer" - Pre-prohibition label, ca.1910-1916, from the Port Townsend Brewing Co., Pt. Townsend, WA, a branch of the Olympia Brg. Co. of Tumwater. Unused.  $4   (free shipping)


Rodeo Beer label tear off hatRev. of Rodeo Beer label - Royal Flush"Rodeo Beer" IRTP label, ca.1938,  with tear out section (see right) from the Salinas Brewing & Ice Co., Salinas, Calif.  $25  (free shipping)


Monterey Beer label Withdrawn Tax Free"Monterey Beer / Withdrawn Free of Internal Revenue Tax for Exportation" - ca.1942, from the Monterey Brewing Co., Salinas, Calif.  $28  (free shipping)



Old Monterey Ale label 12 oz."Old Monterey XXX Extra Dry Ale" - 12 oz. IRTP label from the Monterey Brewing Co., Salinas, Calif. $20  (free shipping)


Rodeo Beer label - Salinas "Rodeo Beer" - IRTP label from the Monterey Brewing Co., Salinas, Calif.  $20  (free shipping)



Remar Beer label - Salinas "Remar Beer" - IRTP label from the Monterey Brewing Co., Salinas, Calif.  $18   (free shipping)


Old Monterey Ale label 11 oz. "Old Monterey XXX Extra Dry Ale" - 11 oz. IRTP label from the Monterey Brewing Co., Salinas, Calif.  $18    (free shipping)





GB glass ashtray, St. Louis - image"GB" on shield, with "Finest Quality Beer" on a 4" sq. glass ashtray from the Griesedieck Brothers Brewing Co., St. Louis, MO., ca.1950s. Near Mint cond. $12


Hamm's Beer china ashtray - image"Hamm's BEER - Born in the Land of Sky Blue Waters" china, 6¾" ashtray. Near Mint cond.  $12




Acme cap lifterStyle B-24 "Acme Beer" blank on reverse. 3", pat. app. Nov33 1934. $10


Lucky Lager beer opener - imageStyle E-14 "Lucky Lager / Aged for Flavor" same on reverse. 3½" from West Coast - near Mint cond. $6

Regal Pale Beer opener - imageStyle E-14 "Regal Pale Beer / Light and Mellow" same on reverse. 3½" from SF - near Mint cond. $6

Rheingold lager Beer opener - imageStyle I-12 "Rheingold - Extra Dry - Lager Beer" same on reverse - 3⅝" - Excellent cond. $4 


Patches & Hats

Moosehead Lager ball capMoosehead ball cap, rear view"Moosehead Lager - Proudly Independent" patch on a dark green cap. Adjustable strap at back with "Moosehead on strap. New - never worn!    Sold




Match Books

Kessler Brewing Co. matchbook - image Kessler Beer, Helena, MT (ca.1939) $2  (free shipping)


Regal Pale matchbook - image Regal Pale Beer, San Francisco, CA (ca.1939) $2  (free shipping)


Richbrau Beer matchbook - image Richbrau Beer, Richmond, VA (ca.1939) $2  (free shipping)


1939 Schlitz matchbook - image 1939 NY World's Fair, Schlitz Beer, Milwaukee, WI  $2  (free shipping)



Beer Cans

16 Schmidt Beer scenic cans"Schmidt Beer" on a straight side steel can with pull tab top, from G. Heileman - five cities (without states). Set of 16 of a 17 can set depicting the outdoors, ca.1974. All in excellent condition. $30/set




Additions to the outdoor beer can set from Schmidt "Schmidt Beer" on a crimped top and bottom, steel can with pull tab top, from G. Heileman - five cities (with states) and the registered mark on the logo. Set of four later additions to the above set. All in excellent condition. $8/set

Set of three Schmidt Beer cans from the Rainier Brg. Co."Schmidt Beer" on an aluminum can from the Rainier Brewing Co. A complete set of three. Excellent condition. $8/set


Un-rolled Sierra Beer can, Pittsburgh, PA - imageUn-rolled "Sierra Beer" Pittsburgh Brewing Co. For display.  $5

Lucky Lager FT beer can - image"Lucky Lager" flat, ca.1956 - bottom opened. Very Good cond. $18



Best Beer ft can - image"Best Beer" - Keglined steel can - Brewed & Packed by Best Brewing Corporation, Chicago, Ill.  ca.1962. Very Good cond. $10




NABA breweriana collector magazine - image"The Breweriana Collector" a publication of NABA - the National Association of Breweriana Advertising. This is issue #131 from Fall 2005. Feature articles: the Weinhard Brewery, and the Collinsville Brewery. Also the Frank Fehr Brewery and Falstaff near-beer labels. 40 pgs.  $8

ABA Journal - Bellingham Bay Brewery story - image"American Breweriana Journal" an ABA publication. This is issue #135 from May-June 2005. Feature article: History of the Bellingham Bay Brewery. Also the History of the Mathie-Ruder Brewing Co. of Wausau. 48 pages.  $8




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