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I would like to buy or trade for these pieces - or purchase comparable items.

Arrow Beer "One and Only"Arrow Beer nude print - image
Any of the "art deco nude" Arrow Beer posters done by Zoe Mozert or Earl Moran (except the
26" x 16" re-issue at right). The originals were printed with a gloss finish on cardboard in a rough unfinished frame, without glass, and measure approx. 36" high x 22" wide.


Two Hop Gold Beer calendars - image

Any of the 1930s "Hop Gold" calendars done by Earl Moran for the Star Brewery of Vancouver, WA.


Varga print Acme beer 1945

Any of the Acme signs done by pin-up artists George Petty or Alberto Vargas/Varga (see Acme History page).


Columbia Ale "bubbler"
Gillco or Price Brothers glass signs or similar back-bar lighted signs from any western brewery. "Bubblers" too!

Three WA ball tap knobsRheinlander ball tap knob
Ball tap knobs from Apex, Hemrich's, Columbia - or Reinlander (shown here), or from any other Washington brewery.


Rainier Bohemian Beer ROG  signRainier, reverse painted on glass (ROG) sign or signs from other Pacific NW breweries.

Rainier Bottled Beer TOC sign
Also Rainier, tin-over cardboard (TOC) sign, or signs from other NW breweries.


Port Townsend Brewing Co. etched beer glass - imageBay View Brewery etched glass
Etched glass from the Bellingham Bay Brewery, Whatcom, WA;  Port Townsend Brewing Co., Pt. Townsend, WA: Bay View Brewery; or any other Washington State etched glass.

Pacific Brewing & Malting "Two Champs" beer tray Seattle Brewing & Malting beer tray
Trays from the breweries I'm doing history on: esp. Bellingham Bay Brewery, Rainier (Seattle & S.F.), Pacific, Olympia, Everett, Hemrich Brothers, Aberdeen, and Columbia  - or any Washington State brewery for that matter! 

Horluck's Vienna Beer glassSicks' footed pilsner beer glass, black ribbon"Horluck's Vienna Beer" enameled beer glass from the Horluck BC of Seattle. And any older glass from WA breweries - especially a "Hop Gold" from the Star or Interstate Brewery of Vancouver, WA.

Also, a "Sicks'" footed pilsner beer glass (right) - with a black ribbon, and any other footed, enamel, pilsner beer glasses from the NW.

Cooper & Conger St. Louis Ale Brewery bottle
Early embossed beer bottles - like this Cooper & Conger St. Louis Ale Brewery (left); the Denver Ale Brewing (right); or Norton & Crawley XXX Ale from Anderson, IN, etc.

Swan XXX Ale SF bottleBlossom Badger Ale bottle from Milwaukee
Early Porter, Brown Stout, or Ale (soda style), colored, squat blobs. Like this Swan Ale from SF (left); the Gibbons Superior Ale from Buffalo; or the Blossom's Badger Ale from Milwaukee (right).


Goebel's Old Krug Bier, stoneware beer bottle
Stoneware beer bottles with decorative transfers, from Atlanta, Baltimore, and Detroit - "Goebel's Old Krug Bier" - Goebel Brewing Company.



 Bay View Brewing bottles - quart, pint & half-pintBlob top Beer bottles of unusual color, shape, or full face embossing - plus the following:

Schad's Cincinatti Bottled Lager Beer - image(1) Claussen & Sweeny, Seattle.
(2) Bay View Brewing, Seattle. (right)
(3) Puget Sound Brewing Co. Lager Beer.
(4) C. Conrad - citron quart.
(5) Columbia Brewing Co. Tacoma, Wash.

Rainier Beer "potlach" openers - image"Rainier Beer" openers with enameled "potlatch" totem - both variations. "Compliments of Seattle Brewing & Malting Co." on reverse.

3-B Beer steinSeattle Brewing & Malting factory scene steinEarly mugs or steins from, Rainier, Olympia, Bellingham Bay, Salem, or any of the Northwest breweries.
Especially the Seattle Brewing & Malting stein shown at right.


Rainier Krausen crown cap Rainier and Lucky back bar chalksBankers Ale crown cap
Looking for both a Rainier Krausen and Bankers Ale crown cap for the bottles in my two back bar displays.




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