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European and other Foreign Beer Glasses and Mugs For Sale

NOTE Most of these beer items are vintage collectibles and are used but in very good to excellent condition - unless stated otherwise. Also, there is only the one example available unless indicated in this brown text.

Guinness pint glass Guinness pint glass

For beer glasses from the Commonwealth realms: Australia & New Zealand,  Canada,  U.K., and Ireland. - or go to: PUB


Gosser Beer glass from Austria"Gösser" on a green band, below the gold Göss Brauerie logo, on a 9⅜" tall, 0.3L, footed beer glass with a faceted stem and base. The Goss Brewery is in Leoben, upper Styria. Scarce. $15





Pilsner beer glass from Nairobi"Pilsner" below their red lion logo, with the tag line "Beer Imara Kama Simba" which is Swahili for "Beer, Strong like a Lion" - all on a 7" tall, footed beer glass from the Kenya Brewewries, Ltd. of Nairobi. Tough glass to find.  $16 



Leffe Belgium chalice style glass"Leffe" below the brewery's stained glass window logo, on a 6⅞" tall, 25cl, chalice style glass for Abbey ales. Brewed in Leuven.  $14


Hoegaarden pint beer glass for the UK"Hoegarrden" on a 6" tall characteristic hexagon pint beer glass. This one was produced for the U.K. market with the official weights & measures etched crown and fill mark on the back. From the village of Hoegaarden.  $14

"Chimay" silver rimmed chalice"Chimay" on a 5¾" tall, silver rimmed chalice from the Bières de Chimay in southern Hainaut. The brewery was founded inside Scourmont Abbey, in the Belgian city of Chimay in 1862.  $12

Stella Artois 40cl beer glass"Stella Artois" in white on red with gold scroll work on an 8" tall, 40cl, gold rimmed, footed glass, with a flora motif embossed on the stem. It has been brewed in Leuven, since 1926.  $10ea.  two available - sold separately or (2) for $18



Stella Artois 33cl beer glass"Stella Artois" in white on red with gold scroll work, on a 7½" tall, 33cl, gold rimmed, footed glass, with a flora motif embossed on the stem. It has been brewed in Leuven, since 1926. Some slight loss of gold on the rim.  $9 ea.  two available - sold separately or (2) for $16


Corsendonk Belgium beer glass"Coresendonk" below the logo of the Priory of Coresendonk of Oud-Turnhout, on a 7¼" tall, footed beer glass. The beer is brewed by Brasserie Du Bocq.  Glass has hard water stains that are only noticeable when held up to the light - so half price.  $7


"Orval" in white edged dark blue text, and the Orval Trout logo at the back, all on a 5⅞" tall, silver rimmed chalice with gently spiraled panels. The Orval Brewery is a trappist brewery located within the walls of the Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Orval in the Gaume region. $12


Westmalle .33L chalice"Westmalle - Trappist" in white lettering, on a 7" tall, 0.33L, chalice style glass with "cut glass" decorations around the sides and back. From the Westmalle Brewery (Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle) est. 1836, in the town of the same name. Impressive glass! $15


Pater Lieven Abbey style ale triple glass"Pater Lieven" below the brewery's logo, on a 6⅛" tall, traditional chalice style glass for Abbey style triple ales. From Broewwerij Van den Bossche, Saint-Lievens-Ease.  $12


Lindeman's Kriek lambic beer flute"KrieK - Lindemans" in gold, on an 8¼" tall, gold rimmed flute. Kriek is a lambic beer flavored with cherries. It's from the Brouwerij Lindemans in St Pieters, Leeuw-Vlezenbeek. $10



Czech Republic

Pilsner Urquell beer glass"Pilsner Urquell" in green, below the red seal logo, on a 7½" tall, beer glass with gently spiraling panels. Impressive glass! $10 ea.   four available - sold separately or $18/pair 

Budweiser Budvar form Czech Republic"Budweiser Budvar" below brewery logo, on a 9¼" tall, 0.5L glass from the city of Ceske. This is the european glass - because of a trade mark dispute with Anheuser-Busch this beer is imported as "Czechvar" in the U.S.  $14



Tuborg Beer glass from Copenhagen"Tuborg Beer - Copenhagen, Denmark" with the brewery's crown logo, on a 7¾" tall, gold rimmed, trumpet shaped beer glass. Elegant!  $12  two available - sold separately, or $22 for the pair

Carlsberg 0.25L beer glass"Carlsberg" below their crown logo, all in green, on a 5¼" tall, 0.25L beer glass made in France. $10



Carlsberg trumpet shaped beer glass"Carlsberg" below their crown logo, all in green, on a 6¾" tall, gold rimmed, trumpet shaped beer glass. Minor loss to gold on rim. $10






Frankisches Urbier 0.4L beer glass"Fränkisches Urbier - Kulmbacher Sandlerbraü" on a 0.4L, 6½" tall glass by Rastal. This translates as an Original beer from Franconia, and a brew from Kulmbach's Sandler brewery. Kulmbach aquired Sandler in 1980. Distinctive style glass. $15


Pils 2000 glass from Dortmunder Union"Pils 2000" with "Aus Dem Hause (from the house of) Dortmunder Union" near the bottom, on a 9½" tall, gold rimmed, footed beer glass by Rastal. Impressive!  $18


Aventius dopplebock beer glass from Bavaria"Aventinus" above the red & Golod log depicting the Bavarian historian, Johannen Aventius - all on a 0.3L, 7¼" tall, beer glass. Aventinus is a strong, dark, wheat dopplebock, introduced in 1907 by the G. Schnelder & Son brewery of Bavaria.  $16


Franziskaner Weissbier 0.5L glass from Munich"Franziskaner Weissbier" with a logo of a Franciscan monk - on a 0.5L, 9¾" tall, Weiss beer glass by Rastal - from the Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräuhaus of Munich, Bavaria.  $14



HB Munchner Kindl 0.5L beer glass"Munchner Kindl" with the Hof Brau's HB logo, on a 0.5L, 9½" tall, spiral waist beer glass from Munich. The Munchner kindl (Munich child) is the symbol of the city of Munich. Impressive glass. $15



Berliner Kindl Weisse glass"Berliner Kindl Weisse" on a decorative 0.3L, 4½" tall glass, with Rastal embossed on the base. From the Schultheiss Brauerie of Berlin (est.1892).  $15

Wernesgruner 0.5L glass mug"Wernesgrűner / Pils Legende" in gold lettering, on an 8½" tall, 0.5L, glass stein for the Wernesgruner Brauerie's "legendary Pilsner" from Saxony.  Nice gentle twist to the fluting. $15

Rostocker 0.3L glass beer stein"Rostocker" below the brewery's logo in gold, and above the words "Seit (since) 1878", and with a smaller logo placed lower on the reverse, all on a 0.3L, 6½" tall glass beer stein by Rastal (Rastal embossed on base and 0.3L embossed on side). Stein is from the Hanseatische Brewery of Rostack, on the Baltic Sea.  Scarce! $15

Harzer Tanne pfooted pilsner glass"Premium Pilsener - Harzer Tanne" on an 8¾" tall, gold rimmed, footed beer glass from the Altenauer Brauerie of Altenau, Lower Saxony. Scarce glass. $14


Warstener 0.4L footed beer glass"Warstener" and gold crown logo with the slogan "Eine Königin unter den Bieren" (A Queen amongst Beers) on both sides of this 0.4L, 10¼" tall, gold rimmed, footed beer glass from the Warstener Brauerei (est.1753) in Warstein, North Rhine- Westphalia. Elegant! $12  two available - sold separately or $22/pair

Schneider Weisse 0.5L beer glass"Schneider Weisse - Hefe Weizenbier" on a 9⅝" tall, 0.5L glass by Sahm. From the G. Schneider & Sohn brewery in Kelheim, Bavaria. $16


Dab 0.25L footed glass from dortmunderDab brewery logo"Dab - Actien-Brauerei" below the company logo in gold (at right) - on a 0.25L, 7½" tall, footed glass by Rastal. From the Actien Brauerei (est.1868) in Dortmund, North Rhein-Westphalia. $14


Flotzinger Brau 0.3L beer glass"Flötzinger-Bräu" below a logo of hops & gold crown, with est. date of 1543 on red banner - all on a 0.3L,  6¼" tall, footed glass by Rastal. From Rosenheim, Bavaria. $15


Iserlohner Pilsener gold rimmed beer glass"Iserlohner Pilsener" below the brewery's logo, on a 0.3L, 7" tall, gold rimmed, footed beer glass. From the Privatbrauerei Iserlohn GmbH, est. 1899 in Iserlorn, Saurland Region of No. Rhein-Westphalia. $14



Ayinger's Celebrator Double bock beer glass"Celebrator - Doppelbock - Ayinger - Finest Bavarian Double Bock Beer" on a 7¼" tall, 0.3L, gold rimmed, footed beer glass. The Ayinger Brewery was established in 1877, in Aying, Bavaria. Impressive glass! $14


Zunft Kolsch - 0.2L stange type glass"Zunft Kölsch" logo on a 0.2L, 6¼" tall, stange (German for stick) a traditional kolsch glass by Rastal. From the Erzquell Brauerei in Wiehl-Bielstein. $12


Sailerbier0.2L footed beer glass"Sailerbier - allgäufrisch - Sallerbräu - Marktoberdorf - Allgäu" on a 0.2L, 6¾" tall, footed beer glass by Rastal. From Privatbraurei Franz-Joseph Sailer of Marktoberdorf, the capital of the Bavarian district of Octallgaü. $14


Rose Pils 0.3 Lbeer glass"Rose Pils" on a green field, below "Brauerie Tradition" and above "seit 1879" all on a 0.3L, 5½" tall, footed beer glass from the Rose Brauerei of Wulfen, Saxony-Anhalt. $14

Parkbrau footed beer glass"Parkbräu" in red lettering and "frisch vom fas" in white - which means "fresh from the barrel" - on a 7½" tall, footed beer glass from the Park Brauerei, Zweibrücken, West Palatinate. Not distributed in the U.S.  $14


Paulaner half-liter weiss beer glass"Paulaner - Weisbier" below their Minim friar logo in gold, and "Seit 1634" in gold lettering - on a 10" tall, 0.5L beer glass with spiral ribbing, by Sahm. From Munich.  $9 ea.  four available - sold separately or $16/pair 


Spaten 0.5L paneled glass beer mugSpaten 0.5L glass mug with black background"Spaten / Munchen" below the brewery's malt shovel logo, on an 8" tall, 0.5L, paneled glass beer mug. Impressive mug. $15


Spaten 4oz. tasting glassSpaten 4oz. tasting glass - reverse"Spaten - Munich" on a 4½" tall, 4oz. tasting glass - with "Portland Seattle International Beerfest" on the reverse. $8 ea. two available - sold separately or $15 for both 


Beck's pilsener beer glass"Beck's" on a banner below their heraldic shield logo, on 7⅛" tall, trumpet shaped pilsner glass from the Brauerei Beck of Bremen (est.1873). $12 


Beck's 0.4L beer glass"Beck's" displayed vertically on the front, with the Beck's Key logo on the reverse of this 8" tall, 0.4L, footed beer glass from Bremen. $10


Beck's .4L glass beer mug"Beck's" on a 6⅝" tall, beer mug by Sahm, with 0.4L embossed near handle. Key and red shield logo on reverse. $12

German beer stein

For this and other foreign steins: Go to STEINS


Kirin Beer glass from japan"Kirin Beer" in green, below the brewery's logo in red. This 5" tall glass has a thin gold rim, and the word "imported" is also in gold.  $10 ea.  two available - sold separately or $18 the pair




Corona Extra pint beer glass"Corona Extra" - on a 5¾" tall, pint beer glass. $7


Carta Blanca glass beer mug"Cerveza" above gold oval labeled: "Carta Blanca" on a 5¾" tall, glass beer stein with slight golden tint. $10




Heniken's Tarwebok footed glass"Tarwebok" and goat head trade mark (which signifies Bock beer) with the Heineken banner, on a 5½" tall, footed beer glass. Tarwebok is a wheat Bock, sold in the U.S. as "Special Dark." It's brewed in Den Bosch, North Barabart. $14


Grolsch beer glass"Grolsch" on a 5¼" tall beer glass from Koninklijke Grolsch N.V. (founded 1615) of Enschede. $7 ea.  four available - sold separately or $13 a pair - $25 for all


Brand Bier glass from the Netherlands"Brand" in green on a gold band, on a 7¾" tall, footed beer glass. From the Fire Bierbrouwerij (brewery) of Wijlre, Limburg - est. in 1340, it's the oldest brewery in the Netherlands.  $12 ea.  two available - sold separately or $20 the pair



Amstel Light footed  beer glass"Amstel Light" on an 8" tall, 33cl, gold rimmed, footed beer glass. From the Amstel Brouwerij BV of Amsterdam. $12





Panama Lager mug"Cerveza Panama Lager Aleman" on a 5½" tall, glass mug from the Cerveceria (brewery) Del Brau of Panama City.  Scarce!  $15



Papua New Guinea

South Pacific Lager glass"South Pacific Special Export Lager" with a colorful parrot logo, on a 6¾" tall, gold rimmed, flared pilsner style beer glass. From South Pacific Brewery of Port Moresby. $8




Cristal beer glass from Peru"Cerveza Cristal" below their sphinx logo, with the slogan: "La Campeona de la Calidad" - which means Champion of Quality. The glass stands 6½" tall, and is produced by Union De Cervecerias Peruanas Backus y Johnston in Lima. Brewed since 1921, Cristal is Peru’s No. 1 selling beer. Scarce glass in the U.S.  $14




Singha glass beer mugSingha beer mug base"Singa" below the stylized, mystical lion logo, on a 5½" tall glass mug. From the Boon Rawd Brewery in Bangkok, est. 1933. The mug has "Singha" embossed twice around the base, and the lion is embossed on the bottom.  $15





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