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British Style Pub Collectibles For Sale

Including: mugs, ashtrays, and miscellaneous items, followed by glasses, and some tap handles, from Australia  New Zealand,  Canada U.K.,  and  Ireland.

NOTE Most of these beer items are vintage collectibles and are used but in very good to excellent condition - unless stated otherwise.

Mugs & Stuff

Guinness ceramic tankard"Guinness- Extra Stout" with "Genuine Quality" and "Est. 1759 - St. James Gate Dublin". The label is embossed into the 5⅜" tall, ceramic tankard, so the design is slightly raised. The Dark brown and cream color scheme reflects the rich color of Guinness stout with a creamy head. Base mark: "©Guinness & Co."  Near mint condition.  $22 


Carlsberg china ashtray -  image"Lager men call for - Carlsberg - Brewed in Copenhagen · City of Beautiful Towers"  5½" sq.  ashtray made by Wade Regicor of London, for the British market - some very slight crazing. Still excellent cond.  $10


Bass ashtray by MintonBass ash tray - reverse"cultivate the BASS habit ...and be well" with the famous red triangle logo (this was the first registered trade mark in the UK - Jan. 1896). Ashtray measures 5" X 5" and was made by Minton, Burton-on-Trent. Scarce, but has lots of chipping around edge - so 75% off.  $8


Tullamore Dew Irish Whisky - water pitcher"Tullamore Dew - The Legendary Irish Whisky" on a 4½" tall, dark green, personal size water pitcher. Excellent condition.  $14


Ind Coope Long Life Beer can - image"Ind Coope / Long Life / Beer" - older, flat top, steel can - imported from England.  $12



Australia & New Zealand

Lion Brewery tumbler from North AdelaideLion Brg. & Mltg. Co. beer label - No. AdelaideLion Brewery tumbler from North Adelaide"L.B & M Co. Ltd." above a rampant lion logo "Trade Mark" and "North Adelaide" all embossed on a 4⅛" tall tumbler made from an antique beer bottle -  hence the warning at the base: "This bottle is the property of the Lion B & M Co. Ltd. North Adelaide. Lion Brewing & Malting was established in 1888 and stopped brewing beer in 1914. Label at right is for reference only. Excellent condition. Rare!  $25 

Steinlager beer glass"Steinlager - New Zealand's finest Beer" on an 8" tall, flared beer glass. From Lion Nathan of Auckland.  $12




Maudite Belgian style ale glass"Maudite" with winged devil logo (red) on a 6⅛" tall, Belgian style ale glass with decorative stem. Maudite is strong (8%) dark Belgian Ale brewed by Unibroue of Quebec. $10



Maudite Belgian style ale glass"Maudite" with winged devil logo (orange) on a 6⅛" tall, Belgian style ale glass with plain stem. Maudite is strong (8%) dark Belgian Ale brewed by Unibroue of Quebec. $10


Port Arthur Brewery glass"Port Arthur - Brasserie - Brewpub" on a 7¼" tall, flared beer glass. The brewery was established in 1988, in Port Arthur, Ont. (brewery now closed).  $12


Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale glass"Alexander Keith's" in green letters over the stag head logo (with gold highlights) and "est. 1820" with "India Pale Ale" in gold letters below - on a 7⅜" tall glass with large panels around the waist. Alexander Keith's is a Canadian brewery founded in 1820 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Impressive!  $12


Molson pint beer glass"Molson" with the red maple leaf logo, and a "pour line" with maple leaf on the reverse side of this 7½" tall, pint beer glass.  $8

Labatt's footed beer glass"Labatt's - BIÈRE Canadian BEER" in blue, below the Labatt's maple leaf logo, on a 6⅞" tall, footed beer glass. $8 ea.   Two available - $15 for a pair

Whistler tall beer glass"Weiss Bier" with a gold "Whistler" logo, repeated twice around the rim of a 0.5L (or 16 oz.), 8" tall, fluted beer glass, from Whistler, B.C. Impressive!  $12




United Kingdom  (England, No. Ireland, Scotland and Wales)

Hobgoblin pint beer glass from Oxfordshire"Hobgoblin" below their destinctive logo, on a 6¾" tall, pint beer glass. Hobgoblin is a ruby colored brown ale from the Wychwood Brewery of Witney, Oxfordshire, established in 1983. $12


Bass Pale Ale pint glass"Bass" beneath the red triangle logo and "Bass & Co. Pale Ale" on a 6¼" tall beer glass. $10

Innis & Gunn footed beer glass from Edinburgh"Innis & Gunn" in red with "Brewed in Scotland" below in white lettering - beneath a three barrel logo with "Oak Aged Beer - Unlock the Flavor" all in white lettering. The 7" tall, footed glass is from Innis & Gunn (est. 2003) of Edinburgh, Scotland. $12


Castle Eden Ale glass from Hartlepool"Castle Eden Ale" - "Northern Bitter" - "Draught" with the Cameron Brewery, Ltd. logo, on a yellow parchment background. The glass stands 6¾" tall and is from their Lion Brewery in Hartlepool, North Eastern England. $12


McEwan's Export pint beer glass"McEwans Export" logo on a 6¼" tall, pint pub glass from the Caledonian Brewery Co., Edinburgh, Scotland. $10


Samuel Smith British pint beer glass"Samuel Smith" below the Tudor Rose logo - on a 6¼" tall, traditional pint beer glass. From Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. $10 ea.     Two available - sold seperatly or $18 for the pair



Samuel Smith half-pint beer glass"Samuel Smith" below the Tudor Rose logo - on a 5" tall, traditional half-pint beer glass. From Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. $8



Newcastle Brown Ale glass"Newcastle Brown Ale" surrounding their blue star logo, and below the slogan: "The One and Only" on a 5⅞" tall, footed beer glass. $8 ea.   two available - sold seperatly, or $15 for the pair


Tennent pint beer glass - imageUK Weights & Measures certification mark - image"J.R. Tennent" across the red "T" logo with: "Since 1885" (in Glasgow, Scotland) on a 6¼" tall, imperial pint glass. Has the official weights & measures etched crown on the side (similar to the one at right) but with the number 303, which is for the West Yorkshire Glass Works. This etched mark was discontinued in '97 by the EU. $14


John Courage gold rimmed beer glass"John Courage" below their portrait logo edged in gold, on a 6⅝" tall, gold rimmed footed beer glass. brewed by the Wells & Young Brewery of Bedford.  $10


Ireland  (Republic of Ireland)

Guinness Stout  pint glass"Guinness Extra Stout - Traditionally Brewed - St. James's Gate Dublin" on a 5¾" tall, pint glass. $9 


Guinness dimple pint mug"Guinness / Extra Stout / Traditionally Brewed / St. James's Gate, Dublin" on a 5" tall, dimple pint mug. $12


Guinness Porter pint glassGuinness Porter glass reverse"Guinness" below the gold harp logo and "Estd. 1759" - on a 6⅜" tall, traditional nonic style, pint beer glass from Dublin. The back side of the glass has an antique label from their agent/bottler in New Castle from the 1860s (shown at right). $10


Beer taps

Three Big Rock Brewery acrylic tapsThree 7" tall, Lucite tap handles from the Big Rock Brewery: "McNally's Extra Ale" - "Springbock Ale" & "Cold Cock Winter Porter" - $10 ea. Sold separately.


Molson Golden ceramic tap handle"Molson Golden" - an 8" tall, ceramic tap handle.  $10



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