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Breweriana may include mirrors, tin, plaster, chalk, back bar, cardboard, prints, and tin over cardboard. I've also included Beer Posters in this category. Occasionally I may also offer some non-brewery advertising as well.


Goebel Back-bar chalk ca.1950"Goebel" back-bar chalk from Oakland, Calif. ca.1950. Excellent condition, with very minor dings. $185

Silver Springs hogs head label"Silver Spring Brewery, Ltd. / Victoria, B.C." Measures 16" across not including the 21" square frame. Outstanding stone lithograph of a fire chief lit by a glowing red light from below, suggesting that a fire has been reduced to embers. Above his head are the words, "the life saver" with the double meaning that he is a life saver and can now enjoy a beer that is his life saver. This label would have been applied to the top of a barrel filled with 72 quarts of beer, packed in straw for shipping. The lithograph was prined by Rolph & Clark of Toronto, between 1904 and 1917, and displays a wonderful use of color, light and shadow. Probably the best image of a firefighter in all early advertising.  Great cross catagory collectible as important to firefighting collectors as for brewery and advertising collectors. $175

Olympia Gold advertising mirror"Olympia Gold - the Right Light Beer - Sold Here - Seventy calories per 12 ounce serving" and "Olympia Brewing Co., Olympia, Washington" in fine print under the red banner - all on a 26" X 20" advertising mirror. Olympia Gold was introduced in mid-December 1976. When Pabst bought Olympia in 1984 they changed Olympia Gold to a low-alcohol beer called Low-Alcohol Gold, so the mirror dates from 1976 to 1984. Excellent condition. $65

Framed Anchor Porter Label display Large "Anchor Porter" label, ca.1974, in a metal frame that measures 16.5" x 20.5" - from Anchor Brewing of San Francisco.  $38

Budweiser Girl sign"Budweiser Girl" print decoupaged on a faux wooden plank - measures 14" x 20.5" - and issued by Anheuser-Busch in the 1970s. Grade 8.0 - 8.5  $18


Erlanger Beer sign "Erlanger Beer" from the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co., ca.1979. Sign measures 17.5" x 12.5" - excellent condition. $28




S. Liebmann's Sons Brg. Co. print"S. Liebmann's Sons Brewing Co. New York" - this high quality print measures 15" x 10" - perfect for matting and framing.  $18



Lion Brg. Co. print "Lion Brewing Co." - this high quality print measures 14" x 10.5" - perfect for matting and framing.  $18


Indianapolis Brg. Co. print"Indianapolis Brewing Co." - this high quality print measures 14" x 10.5" - perfect for matting and framing.  $18

Red Hook Ale poster - image "Red Hook Ale" - issued in the 80's and no longer in print - 18" x 25"  $12



Non-Brewery Advertising

Coca-Cola poster - image "Drink Coca-Cola - 5" - a 70's re-issue poster- 23" x 33"  $10




Lawrence Liquors TOC sign"Lawrence Liquors" on a 21" X 12" tin-over-cardboard (TOC) sign ca.1949, from White Rock Distilleries, Lewiston, Maine - doing-business-as Lawrence & Co. since 1937 (now owned by Boston Brands). Excellent condition. $35



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