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Pacific Beer tray Tacoma c.1914"Pacific Beer" on a 12" dia. tray with image labeled "Mt. Tacoma" (actually it's Mt. Rainier) and the slogan: "Best East or West" and issued by the Pacific Brewing & Malting Co. of Tacoma. Tray made by Chas. Shonk of Chicago, c.1910. Excellent to near mint condition! $185
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P. Ballantine & Sons beer tray from Newark, NJ"P. Ballantine & Sons / Newark, N.J. / Ales - Beers" on a 12" dia. tray, depecting a wooden barrel end with the company's three ring logo (Purity, Body & Flavor). Excellent to near Mint condition. $55
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Gunther's Beer tray, Baltimore, c.1938 "Gunther's Beer" under the brewery's logo, and above their slogan: "It's dry and beery" - on a 13" dia. tray from the Gunther Brewing Co. of Baltimore, ca.1937. The slogan was introduced in April, 1937, and this logo was updated  three years later, in May of 1940. Excellent condition for an 82 year old tray!  $55

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Independent Brg. Co's Old German Lager beer trayPre-Prohibition tray from the Independent Brewing Co. of Seattle -  for its "Old German Lager" -  measures 10" x 13" - stock tray by the American Art Works, Coscocton, OH, titled "A Helping Hand" and is dated 1914. Excellent condition. $165

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Falstaff Beer tray ca.1958"Falstaff" on the brewery's distinctive shield logo, on a field of the ubiquitous star motifs of the 50's. Around the outside rim of this 13" diameter tray is the slogan: "America's Premium Quality Beer" and "Falstaff Brewing Corporation, St. Louis, MO." Made by the Continental Can Co., ca.1958. Very good to Excellent condition. $25

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Miller Beer tip tray - imageNice "Miller High Life", rectangle (more of a trapezoid) tip tray, ca.1951. Mint condition. $20

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