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Beer Trays Trays For Sale: Pre-Prohibition and Post-Prohibition.

Olympia Beer tray "Cavalier" ca.1914Pre-Prohibition beer tray, 12" dia., depicting a Cavalier holding a bottle of Olympia beer, ca.1914, made by the Chas. W. Shonk Co. Litho, Chicago. From the Olympia Brewing Co., Tumwater, WA. Excellent condition in spite of surface crazing - displays well. $95

Fredericksburg Brewery beer tray "Heine" Pre-Prohibition tray from the "Fredericksburg Brewery, San Jose, Cal." -  for its "Export Lager Beer" -  measures 10" x 13" - stock tray by the American Art Works, Coscocton, OH, titled "Heine" and is dated 1914. Very good condition. $110


Hemrich 10 in. charger, ca.1913Hemrich Bros. 1916 charger by Shonk"1913  Greetings - Hemrich Bro's  Brewing Co's - Select Beer - Seattle U.S.A" on the reverse of a 10" charger shaped advertising tin plaque by Shonk. Front has roses and a vase. Good condition.  $65


Falstaff Beer tray ca.1958"Falstaff" on the brewery's distinctive shield logo, on a field of the ubiquitous star motifs of the 50's. Around the outside rim of this 13" diameter tray is the slogan: "America's Premium Quality Beer" and "Falstaff Brewing Corporation, St. Louis, MO." Made by the Continental Can Co., ca.1958. Very good to Excellent condition. $25




Miller Beer tip tray - imageNice "Miller High Life", rectangle (more of a trapezoid) tip tray, ca.1951- near Mint cond. $15


Knickerbocker Beer tip tray - image"Knickerbocker / The Beer Drinkers Beer" from Jacob Ruppert Brewing Co., Brooklyn, NY. Often called tip trays, but are actually metal coasters - ca.1965. Excellent cond. $8




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