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Advertising Beer Steins and Mugs from U.S. Breweries

Mugs & Steins include both Pre-Prohibition & Post Prohibition examples.
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Glass mugs from the U.S. are mixed in with the Glasses
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Plus a couple of Root Beer Mugs (not Breweriana, but collectible)

Convention has it that steins have lids and mugs do not, but I may not follow that rule here.


H. Weinhard beer stein c.1905"H. Weinhard / Portland Ore" with the HW monogram & eagle logo, and slogan: "Puroty is Health" - on a 6" tall. 0.3L stein from the Henry Weinhard Brewery. The stein was issued in 1905 for the 4½ month long Lewis & Clark Exposition in Portland. It has a base mark "30" which matches Form No. 30, used by German stein maker, Marzi & Remy. Grade 9.0  $120

Rainier stein - "A Good Judge Knows Rainier""A Good Judge Knows - Rainier - Seattle U.S.A." on a 5" tall, ¼L beer stein from Seattle Brewing & Malting, ca.1903. Made in Germany. Excellent condition.  $75

Thuemler beer stein ca.1905German saying on a 5" tall, 12 oz. stein by Thuemler of Pittsburgh, ca.1905. Saying translates as "Do not divulge quietly, do not divulge aloud, what a friend confided over a glass (of beer)." Has a typical Thuemler handle with the head of King Gambrinus (the patron saint of beer). Minor surface crazing. Grade 9.0-9.5  $35



Cape Beer beaker by Mettlach, ca.1907"Cape Beer" on a banner, above figure of Gambrinus (patron saint of beer) astride a beer keg, above a banner with "Cape Brewery & Ice Co." on a 5" tall, ¼L beaker by Mettlach, ca.1907 (according to base marking). The Cape Brewery operated from 1891-1919 in Cape Girardeau, MO. Beaker is in very good condition with only a small ding on the lip (see photo), and no cracks. $265


Here's my illustrated essay on
Pre-Pro Western Beer Steins.


Root Beer
(Not actually Breweriana, but a couple of nice "Beers" anyway)

Hires Root Beer mug"Drink Hires - It is Pure" on a 6" tall, stoneware mug ca.1920. Crazing to the clear-coat glaze. Grade 8.5 -9.0  $20




Post Prohibition steins 

Von Trapp Brewery lidded beer stein ca. 2010 "Trapp Lager" with goat logo (earliest version) from the "Trapp Family Lodge / Stowe, Vermont" - lidded stein, 9" tall (6¾" to the lip), est. 0.5L, made in Germany by Gerz. Excellent to near mint condition. $28



1976 Budweiser stein CS4 - image1976 Anheuser-Busch - German Tavern Scene, taller 8" version, made by Ceramarte - (CS-4) near mint.  $20



Budweiser 50th Anniversary CS-571982 Budweiser - 50th Anniversary, 2nd in Holiday series - by Ceramarte, 6½" tall, (CS-57) near mint. $24



1984 Budweiser Holiday stein - Wagon & Team  and Covered Bridge 1984 Budweiser - Team & Wagon with Covered Bridge, 4th in Holiday series - by Ceramarte, 6⅜" tall, (CS-62) near mint. $15



1986 Budweiser Holiday stein - Traditional Houses and Team & Wagon 1986 Budweiser - Traditional Houses with Team & Wagon, 6th in Holiday series - by Ceramarte, 6½" tall, (CS-66) near mint. $15



Budweiser Beer stein, Stables CS-73 - image1987 Budweiser "Stables" 2nd in the Landmark series. Made by Ceramarte, 7½" tall  - (CS-73) near mint. $20          


Budweiser bottle stein, CS-136 - image1991 Budweiser, 3rd issue in the Label Series called the Bottle Label Stein.  It depicts a labeled Budweiser bottle, c.1890. A-B logo is surrounded by high relief barley and hops. Stein measures 5½" tall, and was made in Brazil by Ceramarte. (CS-136) near mint. $20


Budweised stein, St. Patrick's Day '93 - image1993 issue - "Erin Go Bud" below the Budweiser "bow-tie" logo. 3rd in the St. Patrick's Day series - 5½" tall stein made by Ceramarte. (CS-193)  near mint. $20


A-B 1996 lidded stein (CB-3) A-B 1996 lidded stein (CB-3) - top view1996 "Anheuser-Busch / The World's Largest Brewery" - 7" tall, stein by Ceramarte (CB-3) Collector's Club Membership stein - was available to members only. The stein's lid has an A-B logo insert (right). Near mint condition. $20  


Anheuser-Busch Old lager mug"Anheuser-Busch / Old Lager" on a 4" mug - official A-B product. Near mint cond.  $8


Anheuser-Busch Pale Lager mug"Anheuser-Busch / The Pale Lager" on a 4" mug - official A-B product. Near mint cond.  $8


Leavenworth Brewery stein 2 - image"Leavenworth Brewery - Since 1992" on a 4⅞" stoneware mug. These were produced in limited numbers, in the inaugural year only - ca.1992. The brand now owned by the Fish Brewing Co. of Olympia. Scarce! Grade 9.5  $14 


Michelob beer mug by Florence - image"Michelob - Since 1896" in black on a 4½" mug. Ring around rim and base, plus the logo, all in gold. Mug made by Florence Ceramic Co. of Pasadena, ca.1969. Grade 9.5  $8


Coors Light Tappa-Kega-bru beer stein"Coors Light - Tappa-Kega-Bru" (spoof of college fraternities) on a 5¼" tall, ceramic beer stein from the '80s. Some craze lines in the glaze, but no cracks or chips. Overall excellent condition. $15


Coors Brewing Co. mug "Coors Brewing Company - Golden, Colorado" in blue, on a 4¾" tall, ceramic beer stein. Grade 9.5  $10



Michelob ceramic beer mug"Michelob" above their logo of the A-B eagle on a red ribbon. The mug stands 5⅝" tall with three gold stripes. Made in the USA. Some crazing in the narrow area between the bottom two gold lines. Grade 9.0  $12


Schlitz Tenn. stein c.1972"Schlitz" on belted globe logo, above image of plant and "Memphis, Tennessee - Official Dedication May 12, 1972" all in gold. On base: "K-Promotions, Inc. - Milwaukee, Wis." Stein has crazing but displays beautifully. Grade 8.5 - 9.0  $12



Schlitz ceramic beer stein"Schlitz - World's Finest Draught Beer" on 6" tall, ceramic beer stein - with a kick-up base, from the late '50s. Excellent condition (it's whiter than it appears in the photo) $12



Schlitz stoneware stein by Gerz"Schlitz" on the iconic trapezoid logo, on a gold striped emblem above a whaling village scene. This older, .5L stein is 5¼" tall, and made in W. Germany by Gerz. $12



Falstaff Beer stein c.1965"Falstaff Beer" with lion head and shield logo on a 5¼" tall, ceramic beer stein, ca.1965 (the lion was only used from '64 - '69). The initials on the rim are on top of the glaze and can probably be removed if desired. Some crazing to the clear-coat glaze, but still in excellent condition. $12


  Olympic rings logo


Olympic Games Mugs & Steins

Budweiser '84 Summer Olymics stein - imageBudweiser - '84 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, manufactured in 1982 by Ceramarte, 7½" tall - distributed only to Anheuser-Busch wholesalers - (CS-53) near mint. $20

Michelobr '84 Summer Olymics stein - imageMichelob - '84 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, manufactured in 1982 by Ceramarte, 7½" tall - distributed only to Anheuser-Busch wholesalers - (CS-54) near mint. $20

Budweiser'84 Olympics beer mug - click for larger image"Budweiser" on a shield with the Olympic rings. Deeply etched into a 4⅞" tall, fine glass mug. From the '84 Summer Olympics in L.A. Scarce! Excellent cond. $16



European Beer Steins

Pilsner-Urquell Beer steinWick-Werke base mark"Pilsner-Urquell" above the brewery's heraldic logo, on a .5L, 5¼" tall elfenbein (ivory) stoneware stein made by Wick-Werke of Rheinland-Paletinate, Germany (Wick-Werke closed in 1984). The base mark is shown at right. The beer has been produced since 1842 in Pilsen, part of today's Czech Republic. Excellent condition.  $15


Eisgrub-Brau beer stein"Eisgrub-Bräu" on a 4¾" tall, .4L, elfenbein (ivory) stoneware stein by Rastal. From the A. Mainzer Gasthausbrauerei in Mainz, Rheinland-Paletinate, Germany. Excellent condition. $15



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