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Collectible U.S. Beer Glasses For Sale

Pre-prohibition glasses include both etched and embossed.

The post-prohibition glasses are enameled (or ACL) and were mostly "liberated" from local taverns, saloons, or bars.

The styles include, but not limited to: barrel, sham, pilsner (or Pilsener), tulip, hourglass, shell, goblet and mug.

NOTE:  While some items may be in a new or unused condition, most are slightly used and in excellent condition - unless stated otherwise. Also, these are primarily collectible glasses and quantities on hand are noted (in this brown text). Usually there is only the single example available.


Other Beer Glasses For Sale

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Foreign beer glasses for sale on BreweryGems


Pre-Prohibition Etched

White & Gold etched glass - Claussen Brg. Assn. Seattleflea bite on rim of White & Gold beer glass"White and Gold" above the slogan: "Seattle's Best Beer", on a 3" tall, etched glass, from the Claussen Brewing Assn., Seattle, ca.1912. Excellent condition except for a tiny chip on the rim of the glass. $48

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Old German Lager beer glass c.1912"Old German Lager" with a german saying that means "will not give you a headache" - on a 3⅜" tall, barrel shape glass, from the Independent Brewing Co. of Seattle, c.1912. Exceptionally fine condition. $65

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Pre-Prohibition Vessels

Cape Beer beaker by Mettlach, ca.1907"Cape Beer" on a banner, above figure of Gambrinus (patron saint of beer) astride a beer keg, above a banner with "Cape Brewery & Ice Co." on a 5" tall, L beaker by Mettlach, ca.1907 (according to base marking). The Cape Brewery operated from 1891-1919 in Cape Girardeau, MO. Beaker is in very good condition with only a small ding on the lip (see photo), and no cracks. Grade 9.0  $250

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Buffalo Beer bottle tumbler"Buffalo Brewing Co. / Sacramento, Cal." encircling the figure of a Buffalo running through a horseshoe embossed on an amber, 5⅞" tall tumbler - made from a quart bottle, with a smoothed edge. $40

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Post-Prohibition Glasses (after 1933)


Acme glasses



Busch footed beer glass"Busch" below mountain logo, on an 8" tall, footed or pilsner style beer glass with faceted stem. The brand was introduced in 1955 by Anheuser-Busch. Near mint condition, and a scarce glass. $18

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Olympia glasses

Olympia Pilsener glass in blue"Olympia" below the company's horseshoe logo with "Beer - since 1896" all in blue, on an 8⅝" tall, footed or pilsner style beer glass with faceted stem. This '50s imprint is often referred to as the "Blue Lace." Unused condition. $18 

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Rainier & Sick's glasses

Sicks' Rainier footed beer glass"Sicks' Rainier Brewing Co." below the iconic, red "R" logo - "Since 1878", all on a 5" tall, tulip shaped beer glass. These were used in the brewery's hospitality center, the Mountain Room, in the 1960s. Excellent condition.  $20

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Sick's Select paneled beer glass ca.1940"Sick's Select" in red across a white numeral six (a symbolic pronounciation of Sick) on a 8" tall, paneled and footed pilsner style beer glass. From the Seattle Brewing & Malting Company's Century Brewery, ca.1939. Scarce and in mint condition! $65

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Rainier Beer in gold on a tulip shaped glass"Rainier Beer" above the iconic "R" with hops & barley - all in gold, on a gold edged, 7" tall, tulip shaped beer glass. Excellent to Mint condition. $10  two available

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Rainier glass beer mug"Around here it's Rainier" in white lettering, on a 6" tall, heavy glass beer mug. Impressive. $20

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Rainier Draft pint beer glass"Rainier Draft / Ice Lagered & Cold Filtered" on a 5⅞" tall pint beer glass. $14 

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Falstaf shell style beer glass"Falstaff" on a 4" tall, shell style beer glass, ca.1950. These "short beers" were usually used for the "chaser" when having a "shot & a beer." $15

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Falstaff Beer dimple goblet"Falstaff Beer - The Choicest Product of the Brewer's Art" in brown, on a 6" tall, "dimple" or "thumbprint" schooner. $14


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Heidelberg Glasses

Hidelberg Pilsener glass"Heidelberg Beer" in red, below the student prince logo in blue, on an 8" tall, footed pilsner glass from the Heidelbeg Brewing Co., c.1955.  Execllent condition.  Sold




Coors Glasses

Killian's Irish Red pub glass"George Killian's Irish Red - Premium Lager since 1864" and "in the tradition of George Killian Lett, Enniscorthy, Ireland" and "manufactured under license from Brasseries Pelforth, SA"  on a 5" tall, nonic style pub glass. $10 ea. two available - $18 for both

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Budweiser glasses

Budweiser 16 oz. beer glass"Budweiser" below a capital "B" with crown, on a 5" tall pint glass.  $7  

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Budweiser Millennium beer glass"Budweiser - since 1876 - Millennium" in gold, on an 8" tall, gold rimmed, footed beer glass with a globe stem embossed, "Budweiser" - from the year 2000.  $9 ea. two available - $16 for both

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Michelob glasses

Michelob Specialy glass"Michelob - Specialty Ales & Lagers" on an attractive 7" tall, footed beer glass. $7

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Michelob footed tulip style beer glass"Michelob Beer" with red ribbon and the A-B logo on a, 7" tall, tulip shaped, footed  beer glass from the '60s. $10 ea. two available - $18 for both

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Miller glasses




Weinhard glasses

Weinhard footed pilsner glass "Henry Weinhard's ... Private Reserve" logo, in an etched effect transfer on a 7⅝" tall, footed, pilsner beer glass. $15


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Henry Weinhard tulip beer glass in gold"Henry Weinhard's ... Private Reserve" logo, all in gold, on a 7⅛" tall, footed, tulip shaped beer glass. $12

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Henry Weinhard private Recerve beer goblet"Henry Weinhard's ... Private Reserve" logo, in an etched effect transfer on a 6" tall, footed beer glass. $18

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Weinhard Blue Boar Ale 16oz. glass"Weinhard's Ale" with "The Original - Blue Boar Brand" logo, on a 5" tall, pint beer glass. $10

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Weinhard's Red pint glass"Weinhard's Red" with "The Original - Blue Boar Brand" logo, on a 5" tall, pint beer glass. $10

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Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve pint glass - 100th Bottling"Henry Weinhard's ... Private Reserve" with "Blitz-Weinhard Co. - Portland, Oregon Oregon" surronding  "Bottling Number 100" - and on the reverse: "Here's to the next 100 Bottlings" - all on a 5" tall pint glass, released in June of 1990. Signs of use. $12  (black paper insert to show white imprint)
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Stroh's glasses

Augsburger footed beer glass"Augsburger - America's Finest" in gold text, on a 7" tall, footed, gold rimed beer glass. From the Stroh Brewing Co. - is now owned by the Stevens Point Brewery in WI. Nice European look! $12 ea. two available - $20 for both

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Stroh Brg Co Signature Beer glass - image"Signature - Stroh" on a 5" tall, footed beer glass from the Stroh Brewery Co. of Detroit, MI - some loss of gold on edge of logo - attractive glass.  $6 ea. two available - $10 for both

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Assorted Shells, Shams, Tulips, Pilsners & miscellaneous oddities

Homer Brewing Co. beer glass from Alaska"Homer Brewing Company - Alaska" with cluster of hops on the reverse, on an unusual, 4⅝" tall beer glass. the brewery was established in 1996. $10
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Guinness Blonde, an American LagerA Guinness, but it's not a foreign glass. "Guiness Blonde - American Lager - Discovery Series" on the logo all in gold, and around the base in gold text: "Guinness Artistry & Brewing Tradition - 09-14" on an 8" tall glass. The brand was introduced in Sept. 2014, using Mosaic, Willamette, and Mt. Hood hops. It's brewed under contract by the Latrobe Brewing Co., PA. Elegant glass! $12

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Lone Star Beer footed glassLone Star beer logo"Lone Star Beer" on a blue oval, on an 8⅛" tall, footed glass. The star looks worn but it's not. It's just a representation of this version of the logo (right). Distinctive glass!  $12

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GBX malt liquor glass - image"GBX - Malt Liquor" on a 5" tall glass (called a "Roly Poly") - brand introduced in 1968 by the Grain Belt Breweries. Later owned by Minneapolis Brewing.  $12

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Grain Belt glass beer mug"Grain Belt" logo on both sides of a 6⅜" tall, glass tankard, with a pebbled, kick-up bottom. Good condition for this older beer mug with some fading to the logo.  $6

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