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Vintage Beer Bottles For Sale

Bottles include: embossed, blob top, squat, porters, stoneware, and labeled - plus a beauty from Canada.



Golden Gate half-pint beer with close-upGolden Gate Bottling Works, SF half-pint beerGolden Gate Bottling Works, SF half-pint beer back-lit"Golden Gate Bottling Works - San Francisco", and on the reverse: "trade mark" of standing bear holding a glass of beer, on a half-pint beer. This near mint bottle has a bruise on the lip which gives this a grade of "excellent" rather than "mint." $115 


National Beer qt. front litNational Bottling SF - blob top quart bottleNational Lager beer label SF pre-pro"National Bottling Co." - above their Trade Mark eagle - and "San Francisco, Cal. / Adolph B. Lang" - all on a 11⅞" tall, blob top, amber quart beer bottle (label for reference only).
Bottle in excellent to near mint condition.  $85


San Jose Bottling Co. half-pint bottleSan Jose Bottling amber half-pint"San Jose Bottling Co. - San Jose, Cal." embossed on an amber, half-pint, Baltimore loop finished bottle. From C. Maurer's Bottling works and agent for San Jose's Fredericksburg Brewery. Excellent to near mint condition. $75.


Sept. 1935 ad for Globe BeerGlobe picnic size beer bottle - imageHalf-gallon, amber figural beer bottle, embossed: "Half Gallon" on shoulder - "Globe Beer" on Globe logo - "Internal Revenue Tax Paid" on left side, and "Permit Calif U-1116" on right side, and "Globe Brewing Company / San Francisco, Calif." This is the only embossed bottle with a U-Permit number. It was introduced in Sep. 1935. The only other propritery growler in the shape of a barrel is the Golden Age from Spokane (below). Excellent condition with no dings on the embossing!   $55



Meister Brau half-gal. bottle with ACL label"Meister Bräu - Real Draft Beer - the Custom Brew" on a 14" tall, half-gallon bottle, ca.1968 (on base). The applied (ACL) pyro-glaze label is in near mint condition. From Meister Brau, Inc. of Chicago.  $35



Geo. W. Hoxsie's Premium Beer bottle, Albany, NY, ca.1865Hoxsie's Premium Beer bottle - back litHoxsie's Premium Beer bottle - bottom view
"Geo. W. Hoxsie's Premium Beer" vertically embossed on a 7" tall x 2⅝" diameter, heavy (17oz.), half-pint, black glass bottle, ca.1861, 1861 Albany City Directory ad for Hoxsie's Premium Beerfrom Albany, NY (1861 City Directory ad at right). Color is actually a dark, chocolate amber (see image - far right) but is referred to as "black glass." Great Civil War era bottle attributed to the Westford Glass Works, CT (1857-1873). In a July 2015 Heckler bottle auction a similar example sold for $445 (including buyer's premium). This example is beautifully crude, full of character, and in equally beautiful condition - for $100 less!  $345

S. Liebmanns pint beer bottlePre-Pro, pint, embossed: "S. Liebmann's Sons Brewing Co." arched over a "SLS" logo, with "Registered" below, all on a 9⅛" tall, ice blue, bottle from Brooklyn, NY. Attic mint!  $32

T&W porter & ale squatT&W porter & ale squat"Pre-Pro, hand-tooled, blob top squat, embossed: "T & W / 89 Franklin St. / N.Y." - and on the reverse (at right): "XX / Porter & Ale" in hollow letters - all on a 6⅝" tall, deep aqua blue, bottle. Mint condition!  $110


Grasser & Brand stoneware bottleGrasser& Brand Jug Lager close-up"Jug Lager- Krug Bier - Grasser & Brand Brewing Co. Toledo. O." and "Extra Quality - XXX Pilsner" on an 8¾" tall, stoneware, pint bottle, ca.1880 Nicely detailed transfer (see close-up at far right). Exceptional condition - no cracks or chips. Scarce!   Sold








Bohemian Club Bock beer bottle c.1938"Bohemian Club Bock" from the Spokane Breweries, Inc. operated by that name from Dec. 1936 to Dec. 1939. IRTP label is in excellent condition - as is the neck label!  Sold



Golden Age half-gallon jugGolden Age half-Gallon label"Golden Age / Beer" embossed above "Brewed by / Golden Age Breweries / Spokane, Washington" and on the reverse is a raised oval that would have held the label (example at left for reference only), with "Half Gallon" embossed on the shoulder. This is the only other proprietery growler in the shape of a barrel other than the San Francisco Globe Brewing growler (above). This one is also from the early '30s. Excellent condition.  $55

Black Raven Brg. Co. half-gallon growler"Black Raven Brewing Company" with a Raven logo surrounded by "Washington Artisan Ales" - all in gold on this half-gallon growler from Redmond. $8


Vashon Brewing Co. half-gal. growler"Cliff's - Vashon Brewing Company" on this half-gallon growler from Vashon Island's only brewery. $8




Empire Ale green qt. bottle - front litEmpire Ale green qt. natural light"Empire Ale / Brandon" embossed on a 10½" tall, forest green, quart beer bottle with Baltimore finish to the blob. This beautifully whittled bottle is from the Empire Brewing Co., Ltd. of Brandon, Manitoba (label for info only). Image at left is front lit with artificial light, and the Empire Ale labelphoto at right is back lit with natural light. Sparkling mint!  $65



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