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Brewery collectibles may include mirrors, tin, plaster, chalk, back bar, cardboard, prints, and tin over cardboard. I've also included Beer Posters in this category. Occasionally I may also offer some non-brewery advertising as well.

3-B display plaque in deep relief, c1905 "Home of 3-B Beer" incised above high relief figure of the brewery - and incised below: "Bellingham Bay Brewery - Cold storage and Refrigerating Plant - Bellingham, Wash." the plaque1904 ad for 3-B plaque is 7" dia., cast in unglazed pottery and hand painted. Made in Germany, ca.1904 (see thumbnail at right), but no markings on the reverse, except the mold number 3094. In excellent condition, and very scarce.  $275

Kingsbury Beer sign '40s

close-up of Kingsbury Beer label"Kingsbury - Aristocrat of Beer" on a 13" x 10" composite sign made by the Kirby-Cogshall-Steinau Co. of Milwaukee for the Kingsbury Breweries Co., Manitowoc, WI (1933-1949).  Excellent condition and scarce! $225


Heidelberg Pale beer sign

"Heidelberg Pale Beer" sign depicting a pre-prohibition label (1900 at top of frame) that was re-introduced in 1933 (U-permit on lower right). From the Heidelberg Brewing Co., Tacoma. Measures 14" x 17" tall. Excellent condition. $32

Note: the sides are not bowed. That's from the camera.


Rainier metal sign ca.1953"Serve milder RAINIER - the Beer with Life" - a 6" X 4" metal sign (no plastic) made by Herbert Cooper, Inc. of Pasadena, for Sicks' Seattle Brewing & Malting, ca.1953.(in 1957 the name changed to Sicks' Rainier Brewing Company).  Very Good condition.  $45

Brew 66 bartender plague

"Brew 66 Special Draught" on a 20" x 12" resin sign, ca.1955, from Sick's Century Brewery. Some slight paint loss and crazing noticeable upon close inspection - displays well. $65

Framed Anchor Porter Label display

Large "Anchor Porter" label, ca.1974, in a metal frame that measures 16.5" x 20.5" - from Anchor Brewing of San Francisco.  $28


print of Rainier Brewery c.1953

Framed copy of "The Original Rainier Brewery..." pen and ink drawing was done for "Sicks' Rainier Brewing & Malting Co." in 1953.  $15 (unframed $10)


Budweiser Girl sign

"Budweiser Girl" print decoupaged on a faux wooden plank - measures 14" x 20.5" - and issued by Anheuser-Busch in the 1970s. Grade 8.0 - 8.5  $22



A-B pre-pro label display

Description of A-B labels in setFour pre-prohibition beer labels reproduced from the archives of  Anheuser-Busch, ca.1980. Framed set measures 21" x 9" - label on back (right) gives history of each beer label.  $25


Erlanger Beer sign

"Erlanger Beer" from the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co., ca.1979. Sign measures 17.5" x 12.5" - excellent condition. $30


Heineken display bottle - image

Not from a U.S. brewery but a familiar display piece:

"Heineken Lager Beer" on an 18" tall, glass display bottle. Embossed on Base: "Heineken - bottle made in West Germany." From the '60s. excellent cond.  $35   Would make a great lamp!





S. Liebmann's Sons Brg. Co. print

"S. Liebmann's Sons Brewing Co. New York" - this high quality print measures 15" x 10" - perfect for matting and framing.  $18



Lion Brg. Co. print

"Lion Brewing Co." - this high quality print measures 14" x 10.5" - perfect for matting and framing.  $18


Indianapolis Brg. Co. print

"Indianapolis Brewing Co." - this high quality print measures 14" x 10.5" - perfect for matting and framing.  $18

Red Hook Ale poster - image

"Red Hook Ale" - issued in the 80's and no longer in print - 18" x 25"  $12|



Non-Brewery Advertising

Coca-Cola poster - image

"Drink Coca-Cola - 5" - a 70's re-issue poster- 23" x 33"  $10



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