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U.S. Micro-Brewery, Brew-Pub & Craft Beer Glasses For Sale

These glasses were "liberated" from local taverns, saloons, bars, and pubs.

NOTE:  While some items may be in a new or unused condition, most are slightly used with some evidence of use - but are excellent for display - unless stated otherwise.

There is only a single example available - unless stipulated otherwise in this colored text.  

For glasses & mugs from Europe (and other foreign countries) - go to: FOREIGN GLASSES  


Alaskan American Ale pint glass"Alaskan - Frontier - American Ale" on a 5" tall, pint beer glass. $10

Hefeweizen Lion pint beer glass"Hefeweizen" with a stylized Bavarian lion holding a mug of beer, on a 5" tall, pint beer glass. $10

Scuttlebutt pint beer glass"Scuttlebutt / Everett, Washington" with meremaid logo on a 5" tall, pint beer glass. $10
two available - sold seperately or $18 for both

Otter Creek Pint glass"Otter Creek Brewing" on a 5" tall, pint beer glass from Middlebury, VT, est. 1991. $10


Hook & Ladder pint beer glass"Hook & Ladder Brewing Company - No.2" on a 5" tall, pint beer glass from Silver Springs, MD (closed).  $10

Cigar City Brewing Co. pint beer glass, Tampa, FL"Cigar City Brewing Co. / Tampa" on both sides of a 5" tall, pint beer glass from Tampa, FL. $10

Sierra Nevada pint beer glass"Sierra Nevada" on a 5" tall, pint beer glass from the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. of Chico, CA.  $10 
two available - sold seperately or
$18 for both


Hale's Ales pint glass"Hale's Ales - Brewed from purest malt & hops - Hand Crafted Ales, Brewed Locally and Enjoyed Fresh" on a 5" tall, pint beer glass from Seattle. $9

Weinhard's Boar's Head Red pint glass"Weinhard's Boar's Head Red" with boar's head logo on a 5" tall, pint beer glass from hood river, OR. $9

Redhook Pilsner pint glassRedhook Pilsner pint glass - reverse"Red Hook" on one side and on the reverse: "Pilsner - may not look it, but has a dark side" all on a 5" tall, pint beer glass from Seattle.  $10


Boulevard Brewing Co. 16 oz. beer glass"Boulevard Brewing Co." with "Fine Ales and Lagers" above, and "Since 1989 - Kansas City" below, on a 5" tall, pint beer glass from Missouri's largest independent brewery. $9


Hornsby's hard cider pint glass "George Hornsby's - Pubdrafts" with the old Rhino logo, above "Dark 'n Dry Cider - An Alcoholic Beverage" - on a 5" tall, pint glass. This hard cider comes from Middlebury, Vermont. $9





Redhook Brewing Co.

Red Hook official beer taster glass - image"Redhook - Special Taster" with Red Hook logo on reverse, all in an etched effect, on a 3" tall, early tasting glass from Ballard.  $5


Red Hook pilsner beer glass"Redhook Brewery - Seattle - Woodinville" on a 7" tall, footed pilsner style beer glass.
 $9 ea. 
two available - $17 for both



Black Hook porter beer glass"Blackhook - Porter" in an antique gold/bronze lettering, on a 6" tall beer glass - some hard water streaks but logo is fine. Scarce!  $8


Red Hook Pilsner pint glass"Red Hook - Pilsner"  see above with the pint glasses. $10


Wheat Hook ale glass"Wheat Hook Ale - Wheat-Brewed - Unfiltered" on an 8" tall beer glass. $10


Redhook ESB beer glass"Redhook ESB Original Ale - Rich, Distinctive" on a 9" tall beer glass. Nice grip and distinctive style. $12


Pyramid Breweries

Pyramid Wheaten Bock glass "Pyramid Wheaten' Bock Ale" on a 9" tall, beer glass from Seattle. $9


Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams Summer Ale glass"Samuel Adams - Summer Ale" and on the reverse: "Refreshing Wheat Ale - Brewed with Lemon Zest - And Grains of Paradise" - on a 6" tall, beer glass. $8


Samuel Adams White Ale glass"Samuel Adams - White Ale" and on the reverse: "A Belgian-style White Ale brewed with a blend of 10 exotic spices" - on a 6" tall, beer glass. $8 


Samuel Adams Nobel Pils beer glassSamuel Adams Nobel Pils beer glass - reverse"Samuel Adams - Nobel Pils" and on the reverse: "Brewed with all 5 Noble Hops" - on an 8⅜" tall, pilsner style beer glass. $10 ea.    two available - $18 for both


Sam Adams Honey Porter traditional pub glass"Samuel Adams - Honey Porter" on a 6" tall, traditional "Nonic" style pub glass. $8


Other Micro/Craft Breweries

Drop Top Amber beer glassDrop Top Amber Ale label"Drop Top Amber" on a 9" tall, footed ale glass from the Widmer Brothers Brewing Co. of Portland. The brand was introduced in 2003.   $12
Note: label for reference only


Occidental Brg. Co. beer glass from Portland"Occidental Brewing Co. - Portland, Ore." on a 7" tall beer glass from the Occidental Brewery, established in 2011, specializing in German style brews. The lettering below "Occidental" are in white. $10

Midnight Sun Brewing Co. beer glass"Midnight Sun Brewing Co. - Anchorage, Alaska" on a 7" tall, footed beer glass. $12


Deschutes Brewery 0.3L beer glass"Deschutes Brewery - Public House" on a 7⅞" tall, 0.3L "stang" style glass (stang is German for stick) made by Rastal - from Deschutes of Bend, OR. $12 ea.  four available - sold separately or $22/pair, or $40 for a set of four.


The Pike's strong ale glass"The Pike - Seattle Brewing Co. - Family Owned" on a 7" tall, 12 oz. traditional Abbey style glass for strong ales. $10

Rugue Ales' heavy glass schooner"Rogue" on the front of a 6" tall, heavy, dimple glass schooner, with "Have a Rogue Experience" on the reverse. From Rogue Ales of Newport, OR.  $12

Hale's Ales pub glassReverse of Hale's Ales glass - Think Globally, Drink Locally. "Hale's Ales - since 1983" and on the reverse: "Think Globally -Drink Locally" on a 6" tall, pub glass. $12 ea.  two available - sold separately or $22/pair


Thomas Kemper's "Honey Weizen" weiss beer glass "Honey Weizen" below the "Thomas Kemper Lagers" logo, on a traditional 8" tall, Weiss beer glass from Seattle.  $9



Widmer Brothers wheat beer glassWidmer Brothers logo, all on a 9" tall, beer glass - from Portland, OR.  $8 ea.  two available - $15 for both


Bridgeport's Ebenezer Ale, footed beer glass"Ebenezer Ale - Portland Oregon" below "Bridgeport" all in a cream colored print (back-lighted so it's legible) on a 6" tall, footed beer glass. $10



New Belgium beer snifter"New Belgium - Brewing Company" (makers of Fat Tire Beer) on a .4L, 6" tall, beer "snifter" by Rastal. Brewery in Fort Collins, CO.  $10


New Belgium beer snifter"New Belgium - Brewing Company" (makers of Fat Tire Beer) on a .4L, 6" tall, beer "snifter" by Rastal - with bicycle logo.  $10





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